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United States Senator Thad Cochran’s Remarks
General Election Speech at the Neshoba County Fair
Thursday, July 31, 2014, 10:30 am

Thank you very much for the very warm welcome back to the Neshoba County Fair! Thank you also for giving me the honor and opportunity of serving as your United States Senator.

The past seven months have included a hard-fought primary campaign.  I am honored to be the Republican nominee for the State of Mississippi.  I accept your nomination!

A lot of people worked very hard campaigning for me, and I am sincerely grateful for that support. Whether you voted for me in the primary or not, I’m now asking everyone to join together so we can win in November. Because, if there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Mississippi is worth fighting for!

As your United States Senator, my purpose will be to continue to represent all Mississippians. From every part of the state, no matter your skin color, or how much money you have, it’s my job to represent everyone. I will continue to be accessible, willing to listen, and working to get things done for Mississippi.

And, I will work with anyone—state and local officials, business and community leaders—who have ideas about how to create economic opportunity for Mississippians. That is my continued commitment to you.

If you happened to walk by a television during the past few months, you might have seen or heard some things about me! Some pictures even made me look a little bit “older.” But, I’m not bothered by it……….not too much!

I remember another Republican who spoke at the Fair a few years ago and some people criticized his age. I don’t know about you, but I think Ronald Reagan turned out to be a great President!

Today, as we launch the general election campaign, I want to share with you some of my priorities for the future.

Having access to affordable, quality health care is something we all want.  But, more government control over our lives is not the solution! That’s why I’ve always opposed ObamaCare and have written legislation to repeal it.

ObamaCare has been flawed from the beginning, the implementation has been a disaster, and it’s time to stop it once and for all!

Stopping wasteful spending and reducing our national debt are also top priorities. With a new Republican majority in the United States Senate, I will have the opportunity to serve as Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. In that position, I can do more for Mississippi, and at the same time, work to stop wasteful federal spending.

Making government more efficient and creating an environment of less burdensome regulation will allow the free market to flourish, and create more jobs and prosperity for everyone.

Agriculture is extremely important to our state, and I have had the opportunity to work closely with Mississippi’s farm families. I am pleased to have been a part of writing the recent Farm Bill, which ensures that America continues to have a plentiful and safe supply of food and fiber and forest products. Mississippi’s farmers are worth fighting for, and we should never take for granted how much farmers contribute to our quality of life.

As we have seen recently, the world continues to be an unpredictable and dangerous place. It is more important than ever that America maintain its military strength to defend our freedom.

I served on active duty in the United States Navy, and I fully appreciate how our men and women in uniform—and our veterans—deserve our support. I am grateful to all of the Mississippians who play key roles in our national defense.

I will also keep working to make sure the military bases across our state are up-to-date and strong.  They are good for our country and good for our local communities as well.

We should also support the industries that support our military forces.  Raytheon in Forest and Ingalls Shipbuilding on the Coast are good examples. These jobs help provide the training and resources needed for our national security.

Making sure we are safe and secure within our own borders is also very important. But, we have an immigration crisis on America’s southern border, and even though the President has tried to ignore the problem, it must be addressed. Money alone will not solve our immigration problem, but solving it will require a commitment to enforce the laws of our land.

I know people get frustrated with Washington. I do too! I share that frustration because there’s so much at stake, and there’s a lot that needs to be done. I also know the best way to change Washington quickly is to elect a Republican majority in the United States Senate in November.

I have been honored with the endorsement of many groups who share our values of more freedom, economic opportunity, and traditional values. I am very grateful to have the endorsement from the National Rifle Association and the National Right to Life organization.

Most of all, I would appreciate your personal endorsement on my behalf to your friends and family. With your help….together….we can make sure Mississippi is a place of great opportunity for our children and grandchildren.

Thank you for your support in the past.  I also need your help and your vote to make sure we win in November.

I am running for reelection because Mississippi is worth fighting for!

Thank you very much!


Please come show your support for Senator Thad Cochran at the  this Thursday morning, July 31 at 10:30 a.m. when he speaks at the Founder’s Square Pavilion in Philadelphia, Mississippi.

As Thad launches the general election campaign at the Fair, this will be a great time to show how excited Mississippians are about this November’s election and the opportunity for a new Republican majority in the United States Senate.

Be sure to get there early to get a good seat for one of Mississippi’s greatest campaign traditions.

Update 4: 79 of 82 Counties BY thadforms

Jackson, MS – U.S. Senator Thad Cochran’s campaign released the following statement and updated county-by-county review numbers:

“An extensive review of 79 out of 82 counties has confirmed what we already knew: Senator Cochran clearly won the election,” said campaign spokesman Jordan Russell. “While there have been baseless accusations, the county-by-county review found very few votes that could be questioned and were due to routine clerical errors found in any election. It is time for Republicans to come together and focus on making sure this seat is part of a new Republican Senate majority.”

The updated totals show 909 votes that could be questioned out of over 382,000 votes cast statewide, which is less than 0.25% percent. Senator Cochran’s margin of victory was over 7,600 votes.

Adams Complete – 2
Alcorn Complete – 0
Amite Complete – 6
Attala Complete – 18
Benton Complete – 0
Bolivar Complete – 2
Calhoun Complete – 2
Carroll Complete – 1
Chickasaw Complete – 2
Choctaw Complete – 13
Claiborne Complete – 10
Clarke Complete – 0
Clay Complete – 2
Coahoma Complete – 1
Copiah Complete – 6
Covington Complete – 0
DeSoto Complete – 33
Forrest Complete – 92
Franklin Complete – 3
George Complete – 6
Greene Complete – 3
Grenada Complete – 15
Hancock Complete – 1
Harrison Still Examining
Hinds Complete – 331
Holmes Complete – 22
Humphreys Complete – 11
Issaquena Complete – 0
Itawamba Complete – 9
Jackson Complete – 24
Jasper Complete – 5
Jefferson Complete – 0
Jefferson Davis Complete – 3
Jones No Examination Yet
Kemper Complete – 0
Lafayette Complete  35
Lamar Complete – 1
Lauderdale Complete – 7
Lawrence Complete – 9
Leake Complete – 5
Lee Complete – 24
Leflore Complete – 5
Lincoln Complete – 4
Lowndes Complete – 2
Madison Complete – 39
Marion Complete – 1
Marshall Still Examining – 8
Monroe Complete – 0
Montgomery Complete – 4
Neshoba Complete – 5
Newton Complete – 0
Noxubee Complete – 16
Oktibbeha Complete – 0
Panola Complete-  6
Pearl River Complete – 0
Perry Complete – 1
Pike Complete – 7
Pontotoc Complete – 3
Prentiss Complete – 0
Quitman Complete – 4
Rankin Complete – 0
Scott Complete – 0
Sharkey Complete – 4
Simpson Complete – 7
Smith Complete – 0
Stone Complete – 0
Sunflower Complete – 4
Tallahatchie Complete – 0
Tate Complete – 4
Tippah Complete – 12
Tishomingo Complete – 5
Tunica Complete – 9
Union Complete – 9
Walthall Complete – 6
Warren Complete – 19
Washington Complete – 6
Wayne Complete – 3
Webster Complete – 4
Wilkinson Complete – 1
Winston Complete – 0
Yalobusha Complete – 3
Yazoo Complete – 4

We have representatives at all 82 courthouses today to monitor the review of ballot boxes and have been pleased with the results.

The county by county results reported thus far are revealing an extremely low number of crossover votes from the June 24th election. As the process moves forward, the conversation is shifting from wild, baseless accusations to hard facts.

As we have said from the beginning, the run-off results are clear: the majority of Mississippians voted for Senator Thad Cochran. We appreciate the hard work by our Circuit Clerks and all those who have helped ensure the integrity of the Mississippi election system.

GOP Leaders Unite For Thad BY thadforms

JACKSON, MS – GOP leaders from across Mississippi and the rest of the country are uniting behind Thad Cochran:

Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef:

“We congratulate Senator Cochran and his staff on his runoff victory tonight and also thank him for his constant, unwavering public service to our state when we<> needed help the most. We know he will continue to serve Mississippi in the same honorable and reliable manner in the coming years.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX):

“I look forward to working with Thad and James Lankford, and remain committed to working hard to help Republicans win back the Senate so we can pass meaningful legislation to turn our nation around, to pull back from the fiscal and economic cliff we are facing, and to bring back jobs, growth, and freedom in America,” he said.

National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Jerry Moran (R-KS):

“Congratulations to Thad Cochran on his hard-fought and well-deserved victory tonight in Mississippi.

“Thad Cochran has dedicated his life to serving the people of Mississippi and he will continue to fight diligently for them in the Senate. Thad lived up to his reputation as a statesman who always puts what is best for Mississippi and Mississippians first.

“I know that so many of my colleagues join me in looking forward to continue serving alongside Thad next year in a Republican majority.”

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