GOP Leaders Unite For Thad BY thadforms

JACKSON, MS – GOP leaders from across Mississippi and the rest of the country are uniting behind Thad Cochran:

Mississippi Republican Party Chairman Joe Nosef:

“We congratulate Senator Cochran and his staff on his runoff victory tonight and also thank him for his constant, unwavering public service to our state when we<> needed help the most. We know he will continue to serve Mississippi in the same honorable and reliable manner in the coming years.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX):

“I look forward to working with Thad and James Lankford, and remain committed to working hard to help Republicans win back the Senate so we can pass meaningful legislation to turn our nation around, to pull back from the fiscal and economic cliff we are facing, and to bring back jobs, growth, and freedom in America,” he said.

National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Jerry Moran (R-KS):

“Congratulations to Thad Cochran on his hard-fought and well-deserved victory tonight in Mississippi.

“Thad Cochran has dedicated his life to serving the people of Mississippi and he will continue to fight diligently for them in the Senate. Thad lived up to his reputation as a statesman who always puts what is best for Mississippi and Mississippians first.

“I know that so many of my colleagues join me in looking forward to continue serving alongside Thad next year in a Republican majority.”